Comprehensive Spine Care System in Lancaster

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Our goal with all patients is to Improve Quality of Life without drugs, injections, and surgery. The Comprehensive Spine Care System in Lancaster is a customized program to relieve you of your chronic back pain or chronic neck pain in 12 weeks or less.

We offer programs for back and neck problems associated with:

  • Disc herniations, bulges, ruptured discs
  • Degenerative discs
  • "Pinched" nerves in neck and back
  • Sciatica
  • Failed back surgery
  • Facet Syndrome

Understanding the Four Components in Lancaster

  1. State of the Art Therapy Equipment
    After developing your custom plan with our evidence-based medicine we will begin the process of relieving you from your pain. This process will involve our state of the art medical therapy equipment. We will develop a treatment plan which will maximize your healing, utilizing our Disc Decompression Therapy Table, our MLS Laser, and our Impulse Spinal Adjusting Instrument. We have more detailed information about the equipment we use under the services tab on this website.
  2. Functional Flexibility & Core Strengthening
    When your body is ready to move into the "active care phase" we will begin with flexibility training and progress to balance training, core strengthening, and endurance. One of the primary results from your functional core strengthening plan will be the long-term avoidance of disc degeneration and reducing chances of future pain flare-ups.
  3. Nutrition for Health and Weight Loss
    You will participate in a nutritional consultation. Many people do not realize the profound impact that food and supplements have on helping their body to heal. The way you eat can reduce inflammation throughout your body and enhance your natural ability to heal. Many people also do not realize that carrying around extra weight has a profound impact on their joints, muscles, and organs. If weight loss is necessary, we have proven strategies to help you get to an optimal body composition for improved health and pain relief
    We will customize a nutrition plan to meet the goal of our agreed-upon health plan.
  4. Personalized Lifestyle Coaching
    Personalized lifestyle coaching is extremely important in helping you to heal your chronic problems. We will help you to understand which daily habits are contributing to your pain and health problems so you can begin making the necessary changes to improve your Quality of Life.

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